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Hog Cutting Instructions
Date of Slaughter:
Your Name (label for pkgs) 
If applicable, this hog
was purchased from (name):
Contact Phone(s) 
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Additional Instructions:
Additional Instructions:
Choose Cuts
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Additional Instructions:
Loin Chops
Ground Pork
Other Requests:
If getting chops,
how thick?
And how many per pkg?
If getting ham, indicate cuts:
If getting ham, indicate cuts:
Spare Ribs
Additional Instructions:
If getting steaks or C/S ribs, indicate how many per pkg:
OR...  Roast
Please Note:
You also get Baby-Back Ribs
& a Whole Tenderloin,
if you've chosen Boneless Chops or Boneless Roast
Additional Instructions:
If getting roast,
what size?
(1 lb pkgs)
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