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Processing Fees
Beef & Buffalo
Custom Meat Processing
At Wild Country, we take specific care to make sure your livestock are tagged and recorded in your name, handled humanly, cleaned & disinfected properly, adequately cured in our coolers, professionally cut, carefully packaged and labeled with your name on every package...
all this to your specific instructions.

We guarantee...
the meat you take home came from the livestock you brought us!
Slaughter Fee(s)
Beef... $50     Buffalo... $65

Cutting & Packaging
      Butcher Paper or Vacuum Packaging... .65/lb (on carcass weight)        Price Change Effective May 12, 2015
1/3# Hamburger Patties... .75/lb
$50 Slaughter Fee

Vacuum Packaging .65/lb (on carcass weight)
Price Change Effective May 12, 2015
Sugar Curing... .65/lb
Breakfast Sausage... .25/lb
Processing Fees
Hogs, Lamb, etc.
Processing Fees
Wild Game (click below)
Tulsa Butcher
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Call for scheduling...
We slaughter every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday by appointment.
Drop-off is 7am to 10am
on the day of your appointment...
Come early & have a cup of coffee !

Emergency services available,
by arrangement.​

 Our goal is to make sure you are completely satisfied with the processing of your meat.
 We want you to fully understand our procedures
 so we’ve provided some answers to frequently asked questions.

 How much meat will I get back?
 The amount of meat you take home can range from 50% to 65% of the carcass weight of the animal you brought us. This percentage depends on the species, breed, size, length of time fed-out and your specific cutting instructions. For example, a 300 lb beef carcass will likely yield 150 to 195 lbs. of meat and a hog carcass weighing 200 lbs. will likely yield around 120 lbs. of Hominy meat.

 How much will the carcass weigh after slaughter?
 The carcass weight is usually 55% to 64% of the live weight of a beef and around 70% of the live weight of a pig. For example, if your beef weighed 1,000 lbs. alive, it will hang from 550 to 640 lbs. If you have a pig weighing 300 lbs. alive, it will hang around 210 lbs.

 How long will my beef or hog hang, before you cut & package it?
 We let beef hang 10 to 14 days or as long as possible, upon request & certain criteria. If the beef carcass is considered too small or lean to hang or the whole beef is being ground into burger, it is not uncommon for us to cut those beef within 5 days of slaughter. Pigs are cut as quickly as 2 days after slaughter but the curing process takes some time. The fresh pork is cut, packaged and frozen. We inject the pieces to be cured, allow time for curing, smoke those pieces then cut and package those products.
 It takes 2-3 weeks to process a hog.

 What are my packaging options?
 All pigs, lambs & goats are vacuum packaged. However, if you brought us a beef or bison you were offered a choice between vacuum packaging and butcher-paper. With vacuum-packaging, we guarantee that 80% of the packages will be tightly sealed. It’s not uncommon for up to 20% of the packages to lose their vacuum. Even though ice crystals may form inside those packages that meat will still last as long as a paper-wrapped package. As your Tulsa butcher, We suggest you simply use those packages first. If you are concerned with the number of packages that have lost their vacuum, you are more than welcome
 to bring those packages back for re-sealing, at no charge.

 How do I know I’m getting back the meat from the livestock I leave for processing?
 Wild Country guarantees that the meat you take home is solely & completely from the animal you bring us for meat processing in Oklahoma. We have a tag numbering system that starts in the holding pens, follows your animal to the kill shoot, the holding cooler, the cutting table and all the way to the freezer. Our slaughter floor employees unload & personally tag all livestock in the pens at drop off. The carcasses are then tagged immediately after slaughter for dry aging.  

 After the hanging period, all carcasses are cut one side at a time, unless you’re getting both sides.
 There are never two different beef, pigs, etc. on the cutting table at any time. Each is ground individually as well, making certain that the ground meat you take home is from your animal.

 What’s the procedure with organs?
 Livers, hearts, tongues, etc. are not necessarily from your animal. Organs are cut & packaged on the day of slaughter. Not all organs pass quality-control inspection. Only the healthiest organs are kept and the others are condemned. We believe that this practice is the safest way to ensure all organs are healthy and edible.  

Electronic Visual Tracking:  A photograph is taken at drop off (of the live animal) and after slaughter (of the carcass) in the case of any identification/property issues or concerns regarding the livestock.

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Meat Processing OklahomaMeat Processing Oklahoma
Meat Processing OklahomaMeat Processing OklahomaMeat Processing Oklahoma
Meat Processing OklahomaMeat Processing OklahomaMeat Processing OklahomaMeat Processing Oklahoma
Meat Processing OklahomaMeat Processing OklahomaMeat Processing Oklahoma
Meat Processing OklahomaMeat Processing Oklahoma
Meat Processing Oklahoma
Meat Processing OklahomaMeat Processing Oklahoma
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