All Natural Beef, Pork, & Chicken
All Natural Beef, Pork, & Chicken
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Meat Processing Oklahoma

Hominy Meat
Please take some time to browse our website.

 Our goal here is to give you an idea of the hometown, family-friendly hospitality
that we base our business on.

As you’ll see on our “BUY MEAT NOW” page, we carry a quality line of beef products...
80% and 90% Lean Hamburger, Hamburger Patties, Rib Eye Steaks, T-Bone Steaks,
Beef Tenderloin, Top Sirloin Steaks, Flat Iron Steaks, Round Steak, Sirloin Tip Steak,
Chuck Roast, Arm Roast, Rump Roast, Stew Meat, Cube Steak & more.

In the Pork section of our meat case,
we carry Pork Steak, Boston Butt Roast, Country-Style Ribs, Spare Ribs,
Bone-In Pork Chops, Boneless Pork Loin & Chops.
Also... we blend our own fresh breakfast sausage
and sell some of the best Bacon you’ll ever eat!

On our “Custom Processing” page, you should find all the information you might need
about this branch of our business…
 meat processing in Oklahoma.
 It's a huge part of what we do every day.

We slaughter a variety of domestic livestock, including beef, hogs, buffalo & lamb
for the consumers who raise their own.
We talk to each customer about their specific cutting & packaging instructions
and take particular care to ensure they get back exactly and only
all the meat possible from the livestock they’ve fed
and entrusted us with for processing.
Our custom processing crew takes huge pride in their work...
They are the best of the best!

 If you're looking for a Tulsa area butcher, take a short drive to Hominy.

 We hope to get your business, then...
 we’ll do our best to keep your business!
We've got the superior product you're looking for and
the personal attention you deserve.

At our plant in Hominy, Oklahoma
we provide ranchers with top-notch processing of the livestock
they invest time and money preparing for slaughter.

We look forward to cutting & packaging deer and other wild game for the
many hunters we see each year, in and around Osage County.

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Hominy, OK
(918) 885-6758

Meat Processing in Oklahoma

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Guaranteed to get your animal back
Custom Processing
Custom Processing

Guaranteed to get your animal back