How to Buy Half a Cow Online in Oklahoma

Now is a great time to buy half a cow!

You’ll be rewarding yourself and your family with some of the most delicious, highest-quality beef you’ve ever tasted.

And saving money in the process.

Trimming Beef

When you buy a half cow in Oklahoma, you’re supporting local farmers who need your help to continue raising sustainable, affordable meat and crops.

And as an added benefit, you’re helping the environment by buying local food rather than food rather than food that’s been shipped thousands of miles across international borders.

What is a Half Cow?

Also called a “side of beef,” a half cow is one side of a beef carcass, split down through the backbone.

After slaughter, the average carcass weight (hanging weight) for a side of beef can range from 280 to 300 pounds, depending on the size of the cow.

The average amount of meat you will take home is around 180 pounds, depending on how you want it cut.

For instance, take-home weight for a side of beef that includes more bone-in cuts and organ meat may range higher than 180 pounds.

Whereas, a side of beef with more premium boneless cuts and no organ meats may range lower than 180 pounds.

Naturally, you can’t find a whole side of beef at the local grocery store.

To buy half a cow, you’ll have to find a local farmer that sells cows to the public or contact a fresh meat market like Wild Country Meats…

…that provides sides of beef to customers on a regular basis.

Inspecting Beef Custom Processing

Meat Cuts Included in Half a Cow

To understand the meat cuts in half a cow, it may be interesting to know how a cow is divided.

Once a cow has been split in half, each half is generally cut halfway through the twelfth and thirteenth ribs.

The section including the front leg is called the forequarter, and the section including the back leg is known as the hindquarter.

At Wild Country Meats, we’ve created a side of beef package that has no frills or fluff, it’s just the stuff you’ll actually eat.

No organs and the only cuts with a bone are the T-bone and porterhouse steaks.

Putting this package together has allowed us to take the confusion out of the purchase (you’ll know exactly what you’re getting).

And it allows us to price premium cuts of beef at the most affordable price to you.

In addition to that…

A side of beef from Wild Country takes the waiting right out of the equation (most sides are processed and ready for pick up in 5 days).

Wonder what a side of beef looks like? Check this out this photo of a half cow after butchering.

Meat Cuts in Side of Beef

Here’s what you’ll get with a side of beef from Wild Country Meats:

  • 12 T-bone steaks (14-16oz each) 2 per pkg
  • 4 Porterhouse steaks (16-18oz each) 1 per pkg
  • 14 Rib eye steaks (10-12oz each) 2 per pkg
  • 10 Top sirloin steaks (10-12oz each) 2 per pkg
  • 6 Tenderized round steaks (8oz each) 2 per pkg
  • 1 Whole trimmed brisket (7.5-8#)
  • 4 Chuck roasts (2.8-3# each)
  • 3 Arm roast (2.8-3# each)
  • 3 Rump roast (2.8-3# each)
  • 72 Lbs. of 80% lean hamburger in 1# packages

With the meat cuts included above, you’ll have plenty of options for barbeque, pot roasts, burgers, grilled steaks, smoked meats and more.

Where to Buy a Half Cow in Oklahoma

Wild Country Meats is located just west of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Owned and operated by the Gabriel family, we’re well-known for our top-quality meats and unbeatable customer service.

We adhere to the same quality standards established since our founding in 1998.

All beef processed by Wild Country Meats are born, fed, and raised in the United States.

The business is licensed and inspected by the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry.

Beef Cut Chart

About our Grass-fed, Grain-finished Beef

Beef from Wild Country Meats is sourced from the Midwest, generally within a three-hundred-mile radius from our store in Cleveland, Oklahoma.

All of our beef is grass-fed and grain-finished for at least one hundred days.

This means the cows start on grass and are finished on corn by farmer-feeders in the Corn Belt.

Grain-finished beef provides enhanced marbling and juicy, tender cuts of beef.

Genetic breeds include, but are not limited to, Hereford and Angus steers and heifers, with no dairy or Brahman influence.

Marbling class is Choice or higher. Beef is USDA inspected, never processed from frozen, and all cows are butchered in-house.

Steaks At Meat Market

Half Cow FAQs

Now, let’s consider a few common questions when it comes to buying a side of beef or buying meat in bulk.

How Much is a Side of Beef?

Our price for a side of beef is simple and is always posted online on our website. The current cost of a side of beef from Wild Country Meats is $1,049. This includes multiple cuts of beef as well as hamburger meat.

What is the Average Take-Home Weight in a Side of Beef?

The average take-home weight for a half-cow sold at Wild Country Meats is about 154 pounds. While this may seem low for half a cow, the amount of take-home meat is generally 50-60% of the carcass weight, and the carcass weight is generally 55 – 62% of the live weight. What’s more, Wild Country Meats, unlike other meat processors, does not count the liver, heart, tongue, tripe, sweetbreads, soup bone, and other cuts in the take-home weight.

How will the Meat be Packaged When Buying a Half Cow?

Wild Country Meats sells each side of beef frozen and vacuum-packed to ensure freshness. The beef is divided into cuts for added convenience and ease of storage.

How Should I Store the Half Cow After Purchase?

A half cow is a lot of meat. You’ll likely want to invest in a chest or stand-up freezer as the meat cannot be stored at room temperature or in the refrigerator. An 8-12 cubic foot freezer should offer enough space for your purchase. Vacuum-packed beef, when frozen and stored properly, can last up to three years.

Buy a Half Cow Near Me

Now is a great time to buy half a cow. You’ll be investing in the local agriculture economy and saving money for your family.

Wild Country Meats takes pride in offering the best service at the best possible price. You know your meat was raised by dedicated, caring professionals and was butchered in-house.

It’s easier than ever to order half a cow. Once you do, you’ll be sold on a new way of eating and living as you enjoy beef the way it is meant to be prepared.