Buy a Quarter Cow Online in Oklahoma

Do you love beef? If so, buy a quarter cow today.

Buying a quarter cow is a great way to provide your family a ready source of high-quality beef for several meals…

And save money by buying beef in bulk.

Plus you’ll know where your meat is coming from.

All beef from Wild Country Meats is born and raised in the USA, is aged 21 days or longer and tastes delicious!

Black Angus Steer

What is a Quarter Cow?

After a cow is butchered, it is split in half through the backbone to create two sides of beef.

A quarter cow (quarter of beef) consists of half the meat cuts from a side of beef.

A side of beef consists of the forequarter and the hindquarter.

Our quarter cow meat bundle consists of meat cuts from both the forequarter and the hindquarter.

To buy a quarter cow, normally you would need to find a local farmer or rancher willing to split the beef cuts at slaughter among multiple people.

Or you could buy a quarter of beef from a fresh meat market like Wild Country Meats…

…that provides quarter cows direct to consumers all day long.

Inspecting Beef Custom Processing

Meat Cuts Included in a Quarter Cow

To understand what you’re getting when you purchase a quarter cow, it’s helpful to get acquainted with meat cuts and what they mean.

The forequarter (section including front leg) of each beef includes the brisket, chuck roasts, ribeyes, arm roasts, and more.

The hindquarter (section including rear leg) of each beef includes top sirloin steaks, rump roasts, and more.

At Wild Country Meats, we’ve created a quarter of beef package that has no frills or fluff, it’s just the stuff you’ll actually eat.

The package does not include organ meats, and the only cuts with a bone are the T-bone and porterhouse steaks.

This quarter cow beef package helps you know exactly what you’re getting.

Just premium cuts of beef at an affordable price.

Hamburger And Steaks At Meat Market

Plus, you won’t have to wait for a co-buyer, a ready date, or a slaughter date. Order online and pick up your quarter of beef in 5 days.

At Wild Country Meats, here’s what you’ll get with a quarter of beef:

  • 4 T-bone steaks (14-16oz each) 2 per pkg
  • 2 Porterhouse steaks (16-18oz each) 1 per pkg
  • 6 Rib eye steaks (10-12oz each) 2 per pkg
  • 6 Top sirloin steaks (10-12oz each) 2 per pkg
  • 8 Tenderized round steaks (8oz each) 2 per pkg
  • 1/2 Trimmed brisket (7.5-8#)
  • 2 Chuck roasts (2.8-3# each)
  • 1 Arm roast (2.8-3# each)
  • 1 Rump roast (2.8-3# each)
  • 40 Lbs. of 80% lean hamburger in 1# packages

With this beef meat bundle, you’ll be ready to serve up plenty of BBQ, smoked meats, grilled steaks, burgers, meatloaf, pot roast and more.

Where to Buy a Quarter Cow in Oklahoma

If you want to buy a quarter cow in the Sooner State, look no further than Wild Country Meats.

Take advantage of convenient online ordering, and pickup a quarter of beef from our Cleveland store a few days later.

Wild Country Meats is a family-owned and operated meat processing business.

Our fresh meat market is located just west of Tulsa. You’ll love our deli and local grocery options as well.

The Gabriel family has a long history of cutting meat, dating back to 1968, when Chris Gabriel’s father started his first job at a meat market at just 15 years old.

Quarter of beef options at Wild Country Meats are USDA inspected and aged for 21 days.

Wild Country Meats has a high standard of customer service.

Several payment options are provided online and in the store, including all major credit cards and EBT.

Meat Butcher Beef

About our Grass-Fed, Grain-Finished Cows

Beef from Wild Country Meats comes from cattle in the Midwest, generally within a three-hundred-mile radius of our store in Cleveland, Oklahoma.

All our beef is grass-fed and grain-finished for at least one hundred days.

This means the cows start on grass and are finished on corn by farmer-feeders in the Corn Belt.

Grain-finished beef provides enhanced marbling and juicy, tender cuts of beef.

Steer and heifer breeds include, but are not limited to, Hereford and Angus, with no dairy or Brahman influence.

Marbling class is Choice or higher. Beef is USDA inspected, never processed from frozen, and all cows are butchered in-house.

Ribeye Steaks At Meat Market

Quarter Cow FAQ

Now, let’s consider a few common questions when it comes to buying a quarter of beef or buying fresh cut meat bundles.

How Much Does a Quarter Cow Cost?

Our price for a quarter of beef is simple and is always posted online on our website. At present, you can order a quarter beef picked up in Cleveland, Oklahoma for $529. However, prices do change regularly.

What is the Average Take-Home Weight in a Quarter of Beef?

The average take-home weight in a quarter of beef from Wild Country Meats is about 74 pounds.

How Will the Meat be Packaged When Buying a Quarter Cow?

All the meat cuts in a quarter cow are frozen and then vacuum packed to ensure maximum freshness for as long as possible.

Why Does Wild Country Meats Sell Aged Beef? What Does This Mean?

Beef aging refers to the length of time the carcass has been stored after slaughter. Aging the beef helps break down connective tissues and tenderize the meat. The results are delicious. Beef sold in supermarkets may only age for 7-10 days. Wild Country Meats, on the other hand, sells minimum 21-day aged beef. This ensures that you receive superior taste and tenderness.

How Much Freezer Space is Needed to Store a Quarter Cow?

A quarter cow will take up approximately five to seven cubic feet of space. It is best stored in a chest or upright freezer.

How Long Does Vacuum-Packed Beef Last?

A quarter cow cannot be stored at room temperature or in the refrigerator. It should only be stored in a freezer. Because Wild Country Meats uses vacuum packing, the quarter cow cuts can last as long as three years.

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Shopping for premium meat has never been as easy as it is today.

Wild Country Meats offers easy online ordering and streamlined store pick-up to enable customers in Oklahoma to purchase healthy, American-raised beef at the best possible price.

If you love beef, then treat yourself to the best possible cuts, expertly butchered and packaged for use in a variety of dishes.